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Which Matcha Tea is Best for Weight Loss?


Although Green tea is Numero Uno on the list of best health drinks for weight loss, recent trends have raised a few eyebrows!

In Japan, a much-acclaimed, healthier counterpart of Green Tea has grabbed eyeballs. Please welcome the Matcha Green Tea, which, unlike other Green Teas, is in powder form and can easily dissolve in hot water.

But is this ‘miracle drink’ a supposed Robin Hood, helping to shed a few kilos, or is it just a marketing gimmick? Let’s ‘brew’ a list of Matcha Teas best known for weight loss!

Matcha Tea vs. Green Tea – The Clash of Titans!

Since regular Green Tea (bagged/powdered form) is readily available in every grocery store, drinking Matcha Tea is definitely a new sensation! Despite both targeting weight loss, their health quotients come under the radar. 

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Even though Matcha Tea benefits are greater than expected, both the Matcha powder and the Green Tea don’t shy away from giving your unhealthy habits a break!

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A Single Step for A Difference

Prepared from the same Green Tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, Matcha Green Tea includes the entire leaf of the tea plant, unlike Green Tea, which uses only a few elements. It is finely stone-ground into a powder. Thanks to the overproduction of chlorophyll by the plant, under shade for 15-20 days, the Matcha Tea powder exudes a bright green color.

Rich in Antioxidant

Matcha Tea is power-packed with antioxidants and chlorophyll. Green Tea is lighter and can be served with jasmine, honey, lemon, etc., for a floral, fruity, or grassy taste.


Caffeine content is much higher in Matcha Tea than in Green Tea. This is why it is considered to be the best substitute for coffee. Unlike the latter, Matcha Tea makes you feel on cloud nine!

Best Matcha Green Tea Powder to Get Your Body Grooving!

Drizzle some organic Matcha powder on lattes to make life smooth and ‘Matcha’ better! But here’s the catch- choosing the best Matcha powder is not a child’s play! 

Matcha Tea is graded based on color, quality, texture, and use. To drink Matcha, one must be aware of the two types of Matcha Green Tea Powders available for different occasions- Ceremonial and Culinary.

The Culinary Matcha Green Tea is further divided into premium, cafe, and classic.

But which one of all the Matcha powders tops the list? Let’s find out!

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

The organic Ceremonial Matcha powder has been the highlight of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony for centuries.

To prepare Matcha Tea, the highest quality young tea leaves are pounded to form a deep green, ultra-fine powder, thus claiming the prize for the best Matcha Tea for weight loss. The Green Tea extract, after the stem removal, gives the powdered Green Tea a fine texture and an earthy after-taste.

It is mostly ingested on its own, but when mixed with milk, the solution is thicker and can be gulped down without additional sweeteners since the tea is naturally sweet. Drinking Matcha Tea serves excellent health benefits by burning calories quicker, reducing inflammation, and regulating blood sugar. 

Culinary Grade Matcha

The ‘Jack-of-all-Trades’, Culinary Grade, stands a close second to the Ceremonial Grade Matcha and is far less expensive. The texture is similar to the Ceremonial Grade, like baby powder!

Colourwise, it is a bright green powder owing to the distinct older Green Tea leaves exposed more to sunlight. Sadly, it is not meant for traditional tea ceremonies.

Again, Culinary Grade Matcha Green Tea tastes subtle by itself but stands out strong when mixed with other stronger food elements, using a special bamboo whisk. It slows down weight gain and minimizes body fat.

  • Premium Grade of Matcha Tea contains the best quality of pounded old Green Tea leaves of the same plant. It is primarily used in lattes, smoothies, etc. Healthwise, it has the edge over other Culinary Matcha Tea types.  
  • For milk-based beverages, the Cafe Matcha has a slightly bitter taste and is mixed with other elements to balance out the drink.
  • Classic Matcha Tea is known to uplift the taste of desserts like cakes, cookies, pancakes, puddings, and other baked food items. 

Matcha Green Tea – Local to Global!

From the East to the West, the journey of the Japanese Matcha in becoming people’s favorite has created a frenzy- considering how fans of Matcha latte and fitness freaks have stormed the stores to grab their own Matcha Tea packs.

Raising the bar with its exceptional nutritional benefits, Matcha Tea has set standards way too high and hard to break through by other health drinks. So no, this ain’t a marketing hoax!

Lose Weight and Much More

Besides caffeine intake as one of the Matcha Tea’s side effects, here are some reasons why the new Matcha Tea is the next big thing:

Burns Calories Quickly

It guides the person toward significant weight loss by aiding the fat-burning process and fixing the body mass index to boost metabolism. Wonder how many cups to drink? A single cup of Matcha has more nutrition than five cups of Green Tea. 

Keeps The Heart Healthy

Being rich in antioxidants and amino acids, it removes triglycerides from the bloodstream, thus maintaining a healthy heart.

Cures Kidney Problems

A cup of incredibly fresh Matcha Tea helps people improve their kidney and liver ailments.

Induces Calmness

As a stress buster, it helps relax the mind and body by providing L-Theanine, an amino acid that prevents drowsiness and anxiety.

Heightens Brainpower

Caffeine works well when consumed sensibly, and that’s the specialty of Matcha Tea! From making the cognitive functions stronger to increasing the brainpower, it seals the deal for you!

Easily Digested

Show the door to your gastrointestinal problems because Matcha Tea is here to stay! Preparing Matcha Tea (one cup) every day provides relief to your precious digestive system!

Anti-Inflammation Properties

It contains inflammatory properties that help brighten skin, prevent infections, and also boost immunity.

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Controls Blood Sugar

For an energy boost, sugar-free Matcha Tea helps balance blood sugar levels and blood pressure.


If killing two birds with one stone was a game, Matcha Tea would definitely rule the roost! Furthermore, it is a sure shot to a successful diet plan and ranks first on the priority list of those desperate for weight loss. 

So get rid of your cold drinks and bring in a cup of Matcha with a dash of Posi’tea’vity and lots of love!


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