When Do People Notice Weight Loss?

when do people notice weight loss in their body

If you’ve recently started a workout routine, you might be wondering when do people notice weight loss?

These days, the majority are guilty of spending hours after hours in front of their computer screens.

The problem with living such a sedentary lifestyle is that it results in excess fat around the belly.

So the question is, How long will it take for people to notice changes in your weight if you start working out now?

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Why Weight Loss Results Differ

You might have heard it said that the key to successful weight loss is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise.

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However, there is no specific answer as to how fast or slow it will take before anyone notices any change.

If you ask us, even a simple hint that your routine is working will undoubtedly boost your self-esteem.

Below are reasons why results differ from one person to another.

Your Starting Size

Your size when you start your weight loss journey will determine how soon the results appear.

If your BMI or body mass index falls under the large frame, losing weight is faster, especially initially, but with lesser physical indications. 

In the same way, losing weight for those with lower BMI and more petite build may turn out slower but will have much more noticeable results.

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Diet Type

Some diet plans have accelerated weight loss during the first part of the program.

Others come with a week or two of a jump-start with intense food restrictions, allowing you to lose more weight.

During the start of the diet, you can lose up to five pounds or more for the first week, but the lost weight is often due to water loss from carbohydrate restrictions.

Carbohydrate Intake

Because carbs hold onto water, restricting your carbohydrate intake will result in a significant amount of water loss.

While it might make you look thinner than you were, the amount of fat in your body will remain the same.

Even so, this loss of water weight can be enough for some people to change into a different dress size.

If you decide to take this route, though, there’s a good chance that you’ll experience side effects.

After all, carbs are where you get your energy from, so you might feel sluggish and tired the first few weeks.

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Measurement Method

Most people go into a weight loss program hoping to go down a size or two.

Others would love to see an even greater change in their bodies and overall health.

Sometimes, you get motivated by looking at the numbers and keeping track of your progress.

Good thing, that there are plenty of high-tech weighing scales and online applications to help you.

When it comes to your clothes size, you may not see a drastic change right away, but the way your clothes fit your body will look and feel different.

Then, eventually, you will see some changes in some parts of your body like the face, belly, and thighs.

weight loss

Clothing Size Change

Having a smaller clothing size is the ultimate representation of success for those on a weight loss journey.

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However, keep in mind that a 10-pound weight loss will look and mean differently depending on your body size.

For instance, you might find that it is a significant number for petite women but not so much for taller females.

Some say that you can expect to change sizes for every 10 pounds that you lose.

Nevertheless, the change may not reflect on different parts of your body simultaneously.

Ultimately, your overall clothing size will still depend on a particular part of your body.

Generally, you can expect a one- to 1.5-inch adjustment from your previous measurements.

What To Expect From Your Weight Loss Journey

A more petite body and a smaller clothing size are not the only things to expect from losing weight.

After all, these are merely physical changes you’ll notice in the weeks following a moderate exercise program and a healthy eating plan.

To give you a better idea of what to watch out for, here’s what an effective weight loss journey will look like:

Week 1

During the first week of your weight loss journey, you will notice a significant change in your overall weight by up to five pounds for most people.

Although there will be no noticeable physical changes in your body yet, you will probably feel better than usual.

Week 2

In the second week, you will see subtle changes in how your body feels and looks.

At the same time, working out will also become more manageable and your clothes looser.

Week 3

The third week is when you’ll feel the most powerful. You will feel your body’s response if you are consistent with what you are doing.

Also, you will start to feel better about your body and realize that whatever you do is effective.

Week 4

You have probably lost enough weight going into your first month and should be wearing a different clothing size by then.

After Week 4

As you enter into your second month, following your diet plan will feel more normal rather than a routine.

Once you have reached your weight goal, you can go back to your usual eating plan with minor adjustments for weight maintenance.

When Do People Notice Weight Loss?

You may sometimes feel tired and demotivated as you go through your weight loss journey.

In that case, you might feel like everything will change if someone notices your progress.

Here are some possible instances where another person sees the changes in your weight:

Frequency of Meeting

The people you meet occasionally will see something different about you right off the bat compared to people you meet every day.

Don’t Rely on the Scales

Instead of obsessing over the number on the scale, take pictures and note your progress this way.

Use this information as positive reinforcement to keep you motivated to continue your journey.

People Notice but Keep Quiet

Some people will start to notice minor changes in you but will still keep quiet until they know what they see.

On the other hand, others will realize the changes after hearing someone mention them.

Final Thoughts

When do people notice weight loss? It may take some time before the people around you see the changes.

Whether other people notice your weight loss or not, what matters is for you to continue grinding until you have reached your goal.

In the end, you embark on this weight loss journey not for anyone else but for your overall health and longevity.

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