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What To Eat For Breakfast On Keto? 10 Best Options

What To Eat For Breakfast On Keto

If you’re looking for a quick guide on easy keto breakfast recipes to start your days without worrying about counting your calories, here is a collection of the 10 best keto breakfasts that can help you. 

This list includes all the tasty fat-rich foods that a keto diet is based on, like eggs, avocado, cheese, sausage, butter, fish, and meat. But keto doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your meals! Or that you have to deny yourself treats like bacon and blueberry muffins.

The main goal of this diet is to deprive the body of carbohydrates and to include more fats. This will force your body into the metabolic state of ketosis when stored fat is burned to produce energy.

Breakfast needs to be quick and easy but because of the long list of things that aren’t permitted in keto diets, it can also be quite confusing. Nobody has time for that in the mornings! So let’s start this list of keto breakfast ideas with something short and sweet, just like your smoothies should be. 

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Best Keto Breakfast Recipes 

1. Creamy Strawberry and Avocado Smoothie

The most popular way to eat your keto breakfast these days is to drink it instead. All the ‘picky eaters’ and ‘running late for work’ people have no excuses when it comes to this one. While most smoothies use frozen bananas as a base, in Keto we’re trying to cut the carbs and luckily for us, a smoothie can be made with any and all frozen fruits and veggies. 

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So how about you give this delicious, thick and creamy strawberry and avocado smoothie a go. If you’re wondering whether avocados in smoothies could possibly taste good, we’re here to assure you this one packs a punch in flavor and for fitness! Whether it’s a hot day and you’re running late for work or a snack for a cold one, this ice cold drink will be sure to satisfy you. 

Similar to any strawberry almond milk or other sugar-free slushies, it is packed with sweet fruit flavor along with its added boost of healthy fats. 

2. Keto Pancakes

It’s also time to debunk the myth that you shouldn’t eat baked goods while on a keto diet because that is simply not true at all. These pancakes are exactly what you need when you wake up tired and groggy on a Sunday morning but still want to start the day off right and on the highest note possible.

You simply replace the normal flour with almond flour and add just a little bit of cream cheese, throw it all in the blender to slightly smooth out the batter, pour some on the pan, plate it up and lather it in some delicious maple syrup!

These pancakes are just as light and fluffy as pancakes come and with a very low caloric index to boot!

3. Avocado Toast

Heart-healthy avocados are a great source of nutrition and an even better way to start your day.  The fruit itself is loaded with all the healthy potassium, vitamin K, and folate along with being high in rich, creamy and delicious fats. Bonus points for it being loaded enough to keep you full until lunch!

You can have your creamy avocado sliced and placed onto some perfectly toasted low-carb bread with everything bagel seasoning, tomatoes, red onion, capers, and a little bit of cream cheese. 

Or you can mash it up and spread it onto your toast with a perfectly cooked egg, sunny side up! Add some bacon on top and you won’t be able to stop yourself craving it every morning.

4. Breakfast Egg Muffins

This freezer-friendly recipe is perfect for busy schedules wanting something to grab and go. It is loaded with protein as it is made using keto-favorite eggs, fresh spinach, onions, bacon, bell peppers and the most important cheese.

Feel free to add whatever meat or vegetables you have leftover and turn this into a muffin that packs the best and most nutritious punch early in the morning. While this only takes a few minutes to throw together, this mini version of a filling frittata can last you a while in the freezer along with some beautiful Hash Browns!

5. Gluten-Free Waffles

This is one Keto recipe you will want to make again and again and with only 2 grams of carbs per waffle, it’s one that will support your keto diet and lifestyle.

These keto gluten-free waffles are made using almond flour and are as tasty as they are balanced, crispy on the outside and beautifully fluffy on the inside.

Enjoy them with some fresh fruit and sugar free syrups or go the extra mile to find a keto friendly maple syrup!

6. Keto Chaffles

Keto chaffles are perhaps the ultimate breakfast staple and keto-friendly buns in the market today. They’re all the rage if you’re on a keto diet because of their low-carb, keto-friendly, and sugar-free nutrient index.

They’re called chaffles as they are waffles made from cheese and eggs and don’t contain any kind of flour (not even almond flour or coconut flour), baking powder or anything else. Mixing the creamy eggs with melty cheese makes for the perfect waffle with a crunchy, cheesy exterior that is absolutely delicious.

This low-carb recipe is keto-friendly, easy to make, and serves as the perfect alternative keto bread along with being absolutely delicious! You can use any type of shredded cheddar, be it pepper jack, Monterey jack, or any other cheese blend lying around your fridge. Top it up with some crispy bacon and you’re good to go!

7. Keto Oatmeal

While traditional oatmeal may not be a low carb food, considering that it is loaded with slow releasing carbohydrates, keto oatmeal does not pose the same problem. It has the same kinds of proteins and fibers but without the overall net carbs.’ In just four simple ingredients, you can make a thick, creamy and incredibly easy to customize oatmeal, however you like.

Whether you end up using ground flaxseed, chia seeds, hemp hearts (the shelled part), you only need to add in your keto milk of choice, and mix it in with low carb berries, nuts, coconut flakes and almond butter. Sweeteners are of course optional, although keto brown sugar or any other powdered sugar substitute does the job quite well.

8. Smoothie Bowl

Who doesn’t like starting off their day with something sweet and cold? If there’s one thing better than a creamy smoothie, it’s a creamy smoothie bowl, topped with all the fresh fruits and berries to make you feel the good kind of full.

Low carb breakfast recipes like these are what make keto fun and enjoyable for people to follow. Switch it up by replacing the low fat or skim milk with some coconut milk or almond milk to create an even better low carb version of the delicious viral smoothie bowls whether you add in strawberries or blueberries, spinach and peanut butter, the creativity is all on you for this one.

9. Bacon and Eggs

Practically a cult classic, bacon and eggs are a household staple that most people don’t even realize fits perfectly within their ketogenic diets. There is no need to make dedicated switches , the point is to keep it simple and sustainable.

In case you are looking for a few ways to spice it up, you can always add bacon to your egg and cheese bites but the heart of the matter is that bacon and eggs are your new best friend, with or without the cheese.

10. Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Last but not the least, we have everybody’s lazy weekend brunch favorite, a breakfast plate full of scrambled eggs topped with cheesy sauces, crispy bacon, a steaming load of keto-friendly veggies with the net carbs being really low.

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Plate this up with a side of low carb vegetables, cheddar cheese, and pair it with some fresh berries or a blueberry smoothie for your morning meal and we can guarantee you won’t be feeling hungry for hours.

There are of course many other easy breakfast keto recipes because most recipes now come with a keto twist. The benefits of a keto breakfast are that the recipes despite being low carb are remarkably simple and require very little time to meal prep.

Other Top Options

Some other honorable mentions that were unable to make it to our list include a healthy breakfast casserole, keto French toast, keto granola, along with keto eggs, egg cups and egg muffins, crumbled sausage, cheese bites, cauliflower rice and green smoothies.

The point of the ketogenic diet is to provide healthier avenues to the body, not to starve it of nourishment and enjoyment. Add in some protein powder and other supplements to ensure you start off your days just right!

A filling breakfast is of course the foundation of a good diet and we thought we’d make it even easier for you. So what are you waiting for? Grab your muffin cups, baking tray, pots and pans, it’s time to meal prep!

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