22 Types Of French Fries You Must Try

Types Of French Fries

French Fries exist as the most loved fast food all over the world. They are an exceptional food item that repeatedly occurs on the dinner menus of the restaurants or fast-food restaurants, pubs, and bars. With the dawn of fast-food masters like McDonald’s and KFC, the trendiness of French Fries has risen manifold.

Even though the French fries are fried, salted, crispy, numerous additional varieties are favored and enjoyed in various world territories. These French Fries have distinct flavors and texture and, if not sounder, is equally suitable as the classic ones.

There is one made for you among multiple varieties and different types of french fries. Here we will explain the french fries options you must try.

1. Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries

Many people keep saying that you cannot make fries with sweet potatoes. You can also use sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes to prepare sweet potato fries.

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They are considered more nutritious and have a creamy texture with a long-lasting sweet taste. They are not crispy as the regular cut french fries. You can cut them in any shape and size, fry or oven them, and serve them with mustard oil or paprika for better taste.

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2. Regular French Fries

Regular French Fries

These are the standard and the most popular version of french fries. You can say that the tradition of the fries started from the standard cut. They are much better than the latest french fries and much worse than some.

These fries are deep-fried in a flavored oil to make them soft and fluffy from inside and crispy from outside and tossed in salt, and most of the time, they are provided as a side dish with burgers or sandwiches and descents of your choice.

These fries are commonly served with garlic and ketchup for better taste.

3. Cheese Fries

Cheese Fries

Cheese fries are named so because of cheese topped over the french fries. Cheese fries have become a popular choice for the cheese lovers like us. These fries are served in many fast-food restaurants and hotels.

You can also prepare them by topping your favorite type of cheese like shredded cheese on the french fries. Melted cheese or liquid cheese on french fries is the choice that we see primarily in fast-food restaurants, but some high-rated restaurants serve grated cheese fries. These are also crispy french fries from outside, and if done with cheese curds, they increase the taste of the fries.

4. Chili Cheese Fries

Chili Cheese Fries

Taking the cheese fries one step forward, chili cheese fries arrive, containing a delicious layer of chili between the cheese and potato fried potato.

You can relish this delicious type of cheese fries with any kind of fries and can outshine it with turkey, beef, or chili, relying on your taste and choice. They can be relished and served as a side dish and are dined with a fork and napkins since they can create a great mess.

5. Steak Fries

Steak Fries

When frying the steak fries, they produce a soft and delicious texture from the inside, and the crispy texture from outside makes it more delicious and allows the people to choose them.

Nobody knows why they are named so, but the primary thing to know is that they are served with steak, and the fries are shaped like a steak. However, these are not to be mixed with steak fritters, which are made up of steak.

Steak fries topped with skirt steak and cream give a more fantastic taste. Their shape is too perfect that they can be scooped quickly in the sauces of your choice.

5. Shoestring Fries

Shoestring Fries

Shoestring fries are the thinnest fries, cut long and more petite than 1/8 inches in thickness. These are usually served with toppings on sandwiches in cuisines.

To enjoy its crispiness, shoestring fries must be eaten as they come out of the fryer. Usually, when they get cold, you will not feel the crispiness of the french-fried potatoes. If served with sour cream or hot sauce, the enjoyment of taste will be increased.

6. Waffle Fries

Waffle Fries

Waffle fries are named so because of their lattice shape of small waffles. Cutting the potato slices is a bit difficult, but the waffle fry cutting machine makes it easy. This machine contains a slicer to make the shape of the waffle fries.

They also have potato peels attached to them, but if you don’t like potato corners, you can peel them off by deep-frying or baking. These fries look cool and are so satisfying to eat.

7. Curly Fries

Curly Fries

If you haven’t enjoyed the taste and crispiness of the curly fries, then you should not consider yourself a french fries lover. The potatoes are given the shape using the special cutter and have a spring-like shape. Also, curly fries are well known as one of the favorite types of french fries.

Before placing it in the deep fryer for french fry, curly fries are coated with paprika or garlic powder for a better experience. If served with ketchup or sauce, the enjoyment of food increases.

In the past, they were only available in restaurants, but the curly fries machine makes it easier to prepare the fries at home due to advancements in science.

8. Garlic Fries

Garlic Fries

Garlic fries are a type of french fry made by adding garlic to traditional french fries. They are often served as a side dish with meals and can be served as an appetizer or snack.

Garlic fries are usually made by combining chopped garlic with olive oil and then frying the mixture in hot oil until crispy. They can also be seasoned with salt, pepper, and other herbs and spices.

  • They are a popular dish in many countries, and they can be found at most restaurants that serve French fries. They are also commonly sold by street vendors in many locations.
  • You can make them by using fresh or frozen french fries, and they can be cooked in a variety of ways, including baking, frying, or grilling.
  • Some people find the taste of garlic fries overpowering, while others find them delicious. If you are not sure if you will like them, it is recommended that you try a small order before ordering a large portion.

Garlic fries are a great way to add flavor to your meal and are perfect for those who love garlic. Be sure to give them a try the next time you are out for dinner.

9. Potato Wedges

Potato Wedges

Potato wedges are a great alternative to traditional French fries. They’re thicker and have a more substantial texture, making them perfect for dipping in ketchup or other sauces. They’re also easier to cook than traditional fries. All you need is some oil and herbs or spices to season them.

You can find potato wedges at most fast-food restaurants and diners. They’re also a popular side dish in pubs and bars. So next time you’re looking for something to snack on, why not try a plate of potato wedges? You won’t be disappointed.

10. Tornado Fries

Tornado Fries
Tornado Potato with hot & spicy taste

Tornado fries are a French fry made by cutting the potato into thin strips and then swirling them around in hot oil until they are crispy. To make Tornado fries, you will need a sharp knife to cut the potatoes into thin strips, a large pot or Dutch oven to cook the potatoes in hot oil, and a slotted spoon or spider strainer to remove the fries from the hot oil.

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The ingredients are potatoes, canola oil, salt, pepper, and optional spices such as garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, or cayenne pepper.

There are many variations on Tornado fries that you can try. Some people add cheese curds to their Tornado fries to make Poutine, while others add seasonings such as garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika.

Serve Tornado fries with your favorite dipping sauce, or sprinkle them with shredded cheese and chopped green onions before serving.

The nutritional information for Tornado fries varies depending on the ingredients used. Generally, Tornado fries are a healthy snack option high in potassium and vitamin C.

11. Pommes Souffles

Pommes Souffles

Pommes souffles are a type of French fry that is made with a light and fluffy batter. They are a bit more challenging to make than other types of French fries, but they are definitely worth the effort. They are light and fluffy and usually served with a dipping sauce.

Here’s how to make them:

  1. Preheat your oven to 475 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Cut your potatoes into thin strips or wedges.
  3. Combine the eggs, milk, flour, salt, and pepper in a bowl.
  4. Dip the potato strips or wedges into the batter until coated well.
  5. Place the potatoes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  6. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown and crispy.
  7. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce.

12. Poutine


Poutine is a type of french fry dish that is made with cheese curds and gravy. It is a popular dish in Canada but can be found in restaurants in the United States.

Making Poutine is very easy. All you need is some gravy, cheese curds, and French fries. The gravy can be either homemade or store-bought.

  • First, heat the gravy in a pot on the stove. Then, fry up your French fries. Once they are done, put them in a bowl and top with the cheese curds and gravy.
  • There are many variations on Poutine that you can try. Popular variations include bacon Poutine, Philly cheesesteak Poutine, and buffalo chicken Poutine.
  • When serving Poutine, you can either put it in a bowl or on a plate. It is also common to serve it with a side of Ranch dressing or ketchup for dipping.

Poutine is high in calories and fat, along with protein and sodium. So, while it is not the healthiest dish, it can still be enjoyed on occasion.

13. Cottage Fries

Cottage Fries

Cottage fries are a type of French fry that is made out of grated potatoes. They are then formed into small patties and fried. Cottage fries are often served with a side of ketchup or mayonnaise.

You can also find them at diners and fast-food restaurants. They are a popular choice for those who want something a little different than the traditional French fry. If you are looking for something a bit heartier, cottage fries may be the right choice for you. They are perfect for satisfying your hunger.

Some people also like to add cheese to their cottage fries. This gives them an extra boost of flavor. You can top them with your favorite types of cheese, such as cheddar, Swiss, or blue cheese.

It will give them a more complex flavor that you will love. If you are looking for a tasty and filling dish, cottage fries are a great option. Give them a try the next time you are looking for something to eat. You will not be disappointed.

14. Smiley Fries

Smiley Fries

Smiley fries are one of the most popular types of french fries. They are made by taking a regular french fry and cutting it into a smiley face shape. This gives them their unique appearance and texture.

They are usually made from potatoes, but they can also be made from other vegetables such as sweet potatoes or carrots. They can be fried in oil, baked in the oven, or even microwaved.

They are a great snack or side dish, and they can be enjoyed with any dipping sauce. Some of our favorites include ketchup, mustard, or ranch dressing. They are also great for packing in a lunchbox or taking on a picnic.

If you’re looking for a fun and unique french fry to try, be sure to give smiley fries a go! They are sure to put a smile on your face.

15. Side Winding Fries

Side Winding Fries

Side winding fries are a type of french fry made from thick strips of potatoes. They are long and thin and have a wavy shape. The process includes:

  1. Preheat the vegetable oil in a large pot or deep fryer to 360 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Cut the potato into the desired shape using a sharp knife. Try to make each fry as even in thickness as possible, so they cook evenly.
  3. Fry them in batches for 3-4 minutes, or until they are golden brown and crispy.
  4. Remove the fries from the hot oil and season with salt. Serve with ketchup or dipping sauce of your choice.

If you’re looking for an exciting and unique french fry to try, side winding fries are the way to go. Be sure to give them a try the next time you’re in the mood for some fries.

16. Tater Tots

Tater Tots

Tater tots are a type of French fry that is made from cutting potatoes in round form. They are usually small in size and have a cylindrical shape. Tater tots are often served as a side dish, and they can be found at many fast-food restaurants. You can also make them at home as they are a popular food item, and people of all ages enjoy them.

Some of the benefits of eating tater tots include the following:

  1. Tater tots are an excellent source of dietary fiber, which can help promote regularity and digestion.
  2. They are low in calories and fat, making them a healthy choice for people trying to lose weight or maintain their current weight.
  3. The tots are high in potassium, which can help regulate blood pressure levels.
  4. Tater tots are also a good source of vitamin C, boosting the immune system.

If you are looking for a healthy and tasty side dish to enjoy, tater tots, are a great option. They are easy to prepare and can be enjoyed on any day.

17. Matchstick Fries

Matchstick Fries

Matchstick fries are thin, crispy, and delicate fries that are made from fresh potatoes. They are named as such because they are about the same size as matchsticks.

They are perfect for dipping into your favorite sauce or dressing. You can find matchstick fries at most restaurants that serve French fries. They are a popular menu item and are usually served as an appetizer or side dish. Also, they are a great choice if you are looking for something light and healthy.

18. Bistro Fries

Bistro Fries

Bistro fries are a type of French fry that is thicker than other types of fries. They are made by cutting potatoes into larger pieces and then frying them in oil. You can usually find them at restaurants that serve French cuisine.

The nutritional value of bistro fries varies depending on the type of oil that is used to fry them. However, they generally contain more calories and fat than other types of French fries. Bistro fries are also a good source of potassium and vitamin C.

They are served with a variety of dipping sauces, such as ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard.

19. Truffle Fries

Truffle Fries

If you love decadent foods, then you need to try truffle fries. These fries are made with crispy potatoes that are tossed in olive oil and then topped with fresh truffles and Parmesan cheese.

The combination of flavors is out-of-this-world delicious. You can find truffle fries at high-end restaurants and steak houses.

Truffle fries are usually served as an appetizer or side dish. They are a high-calorie food, but they are also a good source of protein and vitamin B6.

20. Patatas Bravas

Patatas Bravas

Patatas Bravas is a popular Spanish dish that consists of roasted potatoes served with a spicy tomato sauce. The potatoes are usually cut into small bite-sized pieces and then fried or roasted. They’re then topped with the spicy tomato sauce and served with a side of bread or tortilla chips.

They’re perfect for those who love a little heat in their food. You can usually find patatas bravas at tapas restaurants or Spanish bistros. They’re often served with a dollop of sour cream on top. You can also get them at most tapas restaurants.

21. Potato Skins

Potato Skins

If you’ve never had potato skins before, you’re in for a real treat. This dish is basically French fries taken to the next level. The potato skins are deep-fried until they’re crunchy on the outside and golden on the inside, then topped with your choice of cheese, sour cream, and green onions.

You can also add crumbled bacon, chili, cheese, or any other toppings you can imagine. Whether you’re looking for an appetizer, side dish, or entrée, potato skins are sure to please. Also, if you’re looking for a dish that’s a bit healthier than traditional French fries, they are the way to go.

22. Carne Asada Fries

Carne Asada Fries

Another type of French fry that you must try is carne asada fries. These fries are basically just regular French fries topped with carne asada, which is a beef dish that is typically cooked on the grill. The carne asada on top of the fries gives them a delicious smoky flavor, and the combination of French fries and carne asada is simply amazing.

For those looking for a bit of an adventure, carne asada fries are the perfect meal. This dish takes French fries and turns them into something special with Mexican-inspired flavors.

The fries are topped with carne asada (seasoned flank or skirt steak, grilled and sliced thin) and cheese, plus more toppings like guacamole, salsa, sour cream, and shredded lettuce. This dish is a specialty of San Diego, where they also stuff the same ingredients, fries and all, into an eponymous burrito.

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Summing Up

French fries are a delicious, versatile food that can be enjoyed in so many different ways. With so many types of french fries to choose from, there is something for everyone. We hope you’ll try some of the varieties we’ve shared today and explore all the possibilities for this tasty side dish. Bon appétit!

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