The Science behind Drop Sets

drop sets

Drop sets are an exercise intensity buildup technique that is incorporated in one’s routine when he or she is short on time.

For those undergoing the rather tedious task of muscle buildup, slacking off is not an option especially if you are expecting results.

In order to maintain a good training volume you must be willing to spend a good portion of your spare time in the gym.

However, many times we do not have that kind of time on our hands. That is where drop sets come into the picture. 

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What is a Drop Set?​ 

Essentially, a drop set is executed by taking a workout to transitory muscular failure after which the load is decreased and then made to hit failure again.

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The concept behind this practice is to increase greater muscular fatigue which in turn results in more muscular growth.

Multiple drop sets enable the lifter to increase his or her time under tension, ischemia, metabolic stress, and total volume in a reduced amount of time as opposed to the time it would take them to complete their regular workout sets. 

The Science Behind Drop Sets​ 

Studies have approved the use of drop sets when the eventual goal is to achieve muscle hypertrophy.

These researchers studied lifters who employed drop sets in the gym and exhibited good results by spending less than half the amount of time spent by their normal set-practicing counterparts.

The two groups studied were instructed to follow the same training volume however; the group that incorporated drop sets in their workout revealed twice the amount of muscular growth in just over 6 weeks.

This proved that spending a limited amount of time in the gym has nothing to do with the amount of muscular gain.

Drop Sets and their Practical Implementation​ 

 While studies show exceptional results with the use of drop sets, there is no denying the possibility of contracted revenues because pushing a muscle to failure several times during one exercise and then forcing it to go through the same stress a few days later may lead to overstraining of the muscle, reduced recovery as well as neuromuscular problems.

The best way to go about drop sets is to use them tactically over the course of the week by performing a set with several drops on a muscle group no more than twice or thrice a week.

Weight selector machines are ideal because a fixed ROM will help you maintain your form without the risk of sustaining injuries due to muscle fatigue and boosts recovery time.

Opt for isolation movements when performing drop sets as opposed to compound movements because isolation movements exhaust your targeted muscle down to the fiber.

Drop sets are the closest thing to a substitute of traditional intense straight set training because they tend to come in handy when you are at a time crunch or if you are looking to increase your muscle volume without having to slave for hours and hours.

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