Scooter Pies Vs. Moon Pies | What’s Your Favorite?

Get one of the tastiest American comfort foods.

Scooter Pies Vs. Moon Pies

Kids in the 1960s and 1970s will remember their mom packing a Scooter Pie as part of lunch. These sweet treats are more than just an enjoyable snack, for many children, they provided hours’ worth of excitement with each sandwich fill-up.

Scooter pies were one of the tastiest American comfort foods which were found up and down the country. However, many people also purchase moon pies when they get a chance to go to the grocery store or local corner shop.

Hold onto your hats because we’re about to go on a Scooter Pie hunt. In this article, you will find out what exactly these delicious treats are and why they may not be available where you live. Also, we’ll explore some best alternatives that you can easily find near you.

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Scooter Pies

Scooter Pies

Scooter Pies are a delicious, sweet treat that will have you feeling satisfied after one piece. These two-layered graham cracker cookie sandwiches come topped off with creamy marshmallow filling and dipped in rich chocolate coating to create this perfect combination.

When you think of marshmallow pies, New York is probably the first place that comes to mind. But there’s more than one type of ‘pie’ in this country, and one version can be found all throughout America, Scooter Pies.

These sweet treats originate from down south near Florida, where they get their name because farmers would ride onto town markets on little electric scooters looking for work. The baseball player who popularized these tasty delicacies was Phil Rizzuto, later becoming famous after joining the announcing crew decades ago during TV broadcasts.

Moon Pie

Moon Pie

Moon Pies have a long and celebrated history, being made at the Chattanooga Bakery since 1917. They’re still made by the same manufacturer today. As you can imagine, during hard times such as The Great Depression, Moon Pie’s affordable price tag helped them become one of America’s most popular snacks.

Moon Pies are a favorite among kids and adults alike. Their delicious flavor combinations make them the perfect snack for any occasion, whether you’re looking to enjoy one as soon in bed or while watching your favorite show on TV after dinner. Eating moon pies in the lunch box is a great treat.

Moon pies are a popular treat in the South, with Mardi Gras being an especially big time for them. There you can find orange and coconut flavors that make up for their sweetness with just enough tartness from berries added into it all along those colorful cracks.

What’s The Difference?

Moon Pies and Scooter pies may not be any different outside of their names. Whether it’s because of their name or ingredients, people in the north seem to think that Scooter Pie tastes better than moon pie.

Moon pies had got an iconic circular shape, while scooter pies were flatter due to their round edge being cut off, so they are not so thick in comparison. These ingredients were both contained within their respective snack, marshmallow covered, having salted caramel, vegetable shortening, and flavored coating.

Both types of snacks were also wrapped up in cellophane-like plastic wrapping within their packaging, although they might differ between different manufacturers or ranges.

Moon pies are not the only snack to borrow a concept from Scooter Pies. Little Debbie also makes marshmallow creme-filled versions of their own called “marshmallow pie”, which have been popular since long before it became an internationally known trademark.

Other manufacturers have created similar versions of this snack as single cracker marshmallow cookies, reflecting its long-lasting popularity.

Where To Find Them?

Whether you’re a Scooter or Moon Pie connoisseur, it’s hard not to be curious about the origins of these delicious treats. Where did they come from? And why were they so popular in America? Have they changed their manufacturer even after being discontinued for many years now?

Well, the scooter pies manufacturer has discontinued, so you can’t find scooter pies anywhere now. But, Moon Pies are still being made by the same company that started it all. They sell moon pies, and kids can enjoy them in lunch bags.

Moon Pies are still made by the same bakery, which continues to supply them across America. You can find pies at various retailers like Walmart and Costco. Or visit their website for a full list of places that sell these delicious treats. You could also order some online from Amazon if you want delivery straight home or office.

Little Debbie Marshmallow Pies

Little Debbie Marshmallow Pies

Little Debbie’s Moon Pies are a household name, with many people familiar enough to order them online from Amazon. The company also produces unique versions of their signature cake treats and more for retailers around the country; you’ll find everything there.

Wagon Wheels

Wagon Wheels is a version of Moon Pies widely available across Canada and Australia today. The concept is identical to Scooter Pie but with different ingredients.

Wagon Wheels have traditionally used two biscuits instead of a graham cracker to sandwich the marshmallow filling.

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1. Why People Call Them Whoopie Pie?

The whoopie pie was created especially for kids who found them in their lunch bags. The name “whooper” comes from when young people shout “Whoopy!” after eating one of these treats because it’s so delicious.

2. How Were Moon Pies Named?

When a traveling salesman named Earl Mitchell asked some coal miners if they’d like to snack, one of the men requested Moon Pie. This particular miner wanted “as big as the moon,” which is why we now call these delicious treats existence evidence that there’s more than meets sight and taste buds in this world.

Summing Up

While the elusive Scooter Pie is hard to come by, you can still enjoy a taste by trying Moon Pies. Moon Pies and Little Debbies may not bring back that familiar feeling of the childhood of Scooter Pie but will quickly give newer generations an idea of what this tasty treat was like.

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