How To Tighten Loose Skin On Stomach With Exercise?

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A flat belly is a huge confidence boost. However, many people who are in the process of losing weight end up with loose skin on their stomachs. For those people, the joy of losing weight is often forgotten under the saggy stomach skin.

Since rubbing the skin is quite irritating, many undergo surgical procedures. However, not all excess skin results from a considerable weight loss. Sometimes, other factors lead to loose skin on the stomach, such as illness, age, pregnancy, or chronic conditions.

Regardless of the reason, there are plenty of exercises that you can try to tighten up the loose skin on your stomach and save yourself from unnecessary surgical procedures. Continue reading to learn which practices are best for tightening loose stomach skin.   

Why Do People Have Loose Skin?

Our skin has a lot of collagen. The collagen combined with the elastin allows the skin to constrict and stretch. Therefore, when working out and building muscle, the skin has to make space for the muscle mass; thus, it reduces.

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Unfortunately, collagen production deteriorates with age, so we end up with sagging skin. Without collagen, the skin’s elasticity declines, and the body loses the ability to adapt. Therefore, people show loose skin on their faces, neck, arms, legs, and stomachs.      

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Significant weight loss does not stimulate collagen production, and people have loose skin. Aside from developing saggy skin after weight loss, there are other common causes of having excess skin.

  • Pregnancy: One of the most ordinary causes of loose skin on the stomach for women is pregnancy. Once a women’s belly is stretched out, it takes time and a lot of exercise to return to its primary look.
  • Smoking: Another common cause of sagging skin is smoking. People who smoke lose skin elasticity faster due to cigarette smoke.
  • Extreme Sun Exposure: We all know that brown tan is beautiful, but excessive sun exposure reduces collagen production and creates excess skin. 
  • Aging: Sadly, as we grow old, our skin gets thinner, loses its elasticity, and causes a lot of sagging skin all over the body. 


How To Prevent It?

As we already mentioned, our skin loses collagen and becomes saggy as we age. There isn’t a way to stop aging, so the excess natural skin that becomes visible after a certain age is inevitable.

Nevertheless, there are a few measures to prevent the early appearance of loose skin. First of all, if you like tight and smooth skin, quit smoking. Also, avoid areas covered in smoke, and try not to be exposed to it constantly.  

Another thing you can do to prevent loose skin is to protect the skin from the sun. Always wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen, one that has SPF 15 at least. The SPF protects the skin from harmful sun rays and preserves collagen.

Last but not least, the way to prevent saggy skin is to exercise and regularly keep your body in tight shape.

Toning Exercises For Tightening Loose Stomach Skin

Plenty of specific exercises help tighten skin after pregnancy, significant weight loss, or extreme sun exposure. So, before jumping to radiofrequency treatments or cosmetic surgery, you should at least give these exercises a chance.

The right exercises, alongside a healthy and balanced diet, can help you reduce loose skin and tighten your body. In addition, we will share the top five minimally invasive exercises to help you tighten loose skin.

Exercise 01: Straight Arm Crunch

This exercise is specifically designed to tighten the upper abs. You should start by laying down on your back and lifting your legs. The legs should be positioned at a 90 degrees angle compared to the floor.

While keeping straight arms, curl the shoulders and the upper back off the floor. Pull your arms towards the ceiling and hold the position for a few seconds. After a while, lower the shoulders and lay back down. Repeat the exercises at least 15 times.

For the exercise to be effective, you need to keep your arms and legs straight the entire exercise. This exercise not only tightens your belly but also helps you with weight loss and forming underlying muscles.

Exercise 02: Side Bridge

One of the most challenging and practical exercises is the side bridge. This exercise is very effective in tightening up loose skin and boosting weight loss. It is designed to tone the obliques and give your body strength.

To properly do this exercise, start by lying on one side. Uplift your body with your arm and elbow, and raise the mid-section of your body until the torso forms a straight line with your legs. The body should be sloped upward, not downward. By holding this position for at least 20 seconds, you ton the abs and slowly remove the excess skin.  

Exercise 03: Leg Raises

Oh, the infamous leg raises. We know they hurt as hell, but they are so effective for weight loss and getting rid of excess skin after weight loss. This exercise tightens up the lower abdomen and tones the entire stomach.

Lie down on the back and keep your legs straight. Start the exercise by lifting the legs until you reach a 90-degree angle (from the floor). Try to retain the legs as straight as possible while keeping them up in the air for a few seconds.

Finish by slowly lowering the straight legs until they reach the floor. Repeat the lifting at least 15 times.

Exercise 04: Air Bike

To perform the air bike, you must lie flat on your back, bend the elbows, and place your palms behind your head. Start lifting one leg and try touching the knee with your opposite elbow. Continue with the opposite leg (left knee to right elbow and vice versa).

To have a better effect, you need to synchronize your movements and try speeding up the leg switches. While one leg is touching the elbow, the other should be straight up in the air, parallel to the floor. Repeat the exercise at least 20 times. You must do at least 15 repetitions with each leg to lose weight.   

Exercise 05: Pelvic Thrust

The pelvic thrust is an excellent exercise for toning your lower abs and tightening skin after weight loss. The training starts with laying on your back and lifting your legs in the air (at a 90-degree angle as usual).

Next, try lifting the pelvis off the floor while keeping the legs in the air. This exercise makes you work the abdominal muscles to lift your body off the floor and push it towards the ceiling. You must keep your arms straight and flat on the floor during this exercise.   

Other Ways To Tighten Up Loose Skin

For all of you who are feeling too lazy to exercise, there are other ways to get rid of the excess stomach skin.

  • Using Supplements – loose skin means that your body lacks collagen. So, to gain back the elasticity, you can start using collagen supplements. These supplements can be found as pills or powders. Either way, they help you firm loose skin. To maintain good skin health, you must combine collagen supplements with vitamin c, vitamin e, and selenium. 
  • Radiofrequency Treatments – Otherwise known as RF treatments, radiofrequency is a trendy, non-surgical way to reduce excess skin. The therapy uses alternating current to encourage collagen production. The RF treatments have no scars and show great results after a few sessions. 
  • Plastic Surgery – Plastic surgery is the fastest alternative to eliminate excess skin for all who are not scared of knives. The common name for these surgeries is tummy tuck; they help eliminate the loose and excess skin of the abdomen. As with any other surgery, it involves many risks, so consult your doctor before deciding to undergo a tummy tuck or further weight surgery.  


Can I Tighten My Loose Tummy Skin With Exercise?

Yes, it is possible to tighten loose skin with exercises. By doing strength training, you are building muscles that help decrease the saggy skin. Doing the proper movements is highly effective, especially for people who have lost weight recently.  

How Long Until I Tighten My Loose Skin With Exercise?

While exercising is the safest and healthiest way to reduce excess skin, it takes the most time. Generally, it can take weeks, months, and even years – it is different for everyone. But, if there isn’t a change after a year and the skin is still a lot loose, it will not get tighter with exercise.

What Exercises Help With Loose Belly Skin?

There are plenty of exercises that can assist you in getting rid of the excess skin on the belly. Some of the most popular are reverse lunges, chest press, air bike, side bridges, leg raises, etc.

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Many people struggle with loose skin on their stomachs, especially after a significant weight loss. And while there are many ways to deal with it, exercise is the most natural and healthy method.

And while exercise is effective, it can take weeks, months, or even years to get the desired look. If you are desperate for better and faster results, you should always consult with a medical director. Ultimately, it is all about learning to love your body and feel comfortable within your skin.

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