How Much Should A 15 Yr. Old Girl Weigh? In-Depth Analysis

How Much Should A 15 Yr. Old Girl Weigh

Most teenagers start gaining weight when they hit puberty, especially at the age of 15-17, and these years can be very disturbing and challenging for them due to this sudden weight gain. If you are going through a similar problem, don’t worry because we will tell you everything about how much should a 15 yr. old girl weighs, and you can start your healthier lifestyle accordingly.

So, don’t stress it out, and let’s get right into it:

How Much Should A 15 Yr. Old Girl Weigh? Facts And Figures

A 15-year-old girl should weigh around 119 pounds to 124 pounds, but that does not mean that girls with more or less weight are unhealthy. Sometimes, even people with a higher body mass index are healthy.

  • But for teenage girls of 15 years, it is better if their body mass index is between 8 to 85 because the number higher than this would mean that they have a greater body fat which is not healthy at such a young age.
  • When you hit the age of 15, you might gain or lose a lot of weight which can make you think that you are unhealthy, but as long as your BMI is between 8-85 and your weight is 52-56kg, you are good to go because it is the average weight of most 15-year-olds.

Why Have You Suddenly Gained Weight At The Age Of 15?

The teen years are very tricky by means of hormones and nature, so many factors might trigger a 15-year-old’s body weight and cause weight gain. Now that we have talked about that how much should a 15-year-old weigh, it is essential to know what are the things that are causing weight gain so you can cope with them in a better way.

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1. Genes

Certain people are obese genetically, and even if they don’t eat a lot, their weight increases as they grow. It is not their mistake, but all about genes as most of their family members also possess the same type of genes.

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For teenagers going through these conditions, things can be particularly hard. Still, if they stay consistent and keep working out and having a calorie deficit meal, they can get rid of their body fat and achieve their ideal weight.

2. Hormones

The biggest reason for gaining weight when you are 15-year-old is mostly puberty. When puberty hits you, your body starts producing different hormones, and most of the time, these hormones start acting up and result in weight gain.

It is not something to be particularly worried about because you can always visit a good doctor and find out the reason behind these hormonal imbalances. Though the process of balancing your hormones can be slow, it certainly is the permanent solution for your weight-related problems.

3. Depression

Depression is the most underrated cause of weight gain, mainly because people assume that it does not affect your physical body. Still, it does result in a sudden increase or decrease in weight when you are depressed and anxious.

Teenagers aged between 15-20 are particularly prone to this condition because they get anxious easily, and due to being exposed to multiple conditions, children of this age also start developing mental health concerns like depression or eating disorders.

What Is A Healthy Weight For A 15-year-old Girl?

When we talk about healthy weight, it does not mean that people who do not meet these credentials are unhealthy, but it simply means that what is a healthy weight for a teenager according to research.

So, if a girl of height 5 foot 3 inches weighs 105-149 pounds, it is entirely reasonable, but remember that it is just the average weight.

Teenage girls often condition health with weight, but these two are completely different departments, and you should not mix them because you can still be healthy when you are overweight or underweight, but it is all about your eating habits.

People often misinterpret the definition of ideal body weight to a healthy weight. Still, they both are not the same because ideal weight is not always healthy for your body, and your nutritionist can advise you on the right healthy weight according to your current height and weight.

Is It Safe For A 15 Year Old To Go On Diet?

If diet means healthy eating, then yes, it is completely safe for 15-year-old girls to go on a diet, but if diet means cutting important food groups like carbs or dairy from your routine, then it is not safe for teenagers at all.

These restrictive diets might look tempting as they deliver quick results and help you lose weight faster, but in the long run, you cannot maintain a healthy weight range, so it is better to eat healthily and do some workouts every day to shed those extra pounds.

Ideal body weight vs. adjusted body weight would also be beneficial when you lose weight. Adjusted weight of body denotes the nutritional needs of your body while ideal weight is the one which is suitable for your age group.


1. What Is The Average Weight Of A 13-Year-Old In Kg?

The healthy weight range for a 13-year-old is 45-47 kg, and anything more or less than that would either be overweight or underweight.

2. What Is The Average Weight Of A 16-Year-Old Female?

The normal weight range of a 16-year-old female is 60-62 kg, and 60 is the ideal weight to maintain body shape and be in the normal range of weight.

3. What Is The Average Weight Of A 4-Year-Old Boy In Kg?

The ideal weight for a 4-year-old boy in kg is 15-15.4 kg and if your child weighs less than that, make sure to feed him healthy foods.

Summing Up

Finally, it is completely fine to be a little overweight in your teenage years, and it is nothing to be stressed about but, if you want to bring a positive change to your weight and body, then always go for healthier options and never settle for unhealthier diets because they can be harmful in the long run.

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