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Hand Exercisers And Stress Relievers – Are They Worth It?


Do you experience a lot of stress in your hands? Having your muscles cramp up can make regular tasks extremely difficult, especially when you’re feeling stressed or anxious.

But with a few simple exercises, you can easily avoid wrist pain and get rid of muscle tightness. In fact, hand exercisers are a great way to build arm strength and learn some easy coping techniques that you can practice on the go!

Plus, research at Canada’s McMaster University shows that regularly using a manual hand exerciser for over 2 months can help patients decrease their blood pressure levels.

What Are Hand Exercisers?

If you’re looking for a hand exerciser, there is a range of equipment to choose from. From squeeze balls to hand grippers, these devices help you work the muscles in your hand by applying pressure.

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You can find a grip exerciser at your nearest sporting store and choose between a variety of strength and resistance levels. Remember, you don’t want to over-exert and strain your hand. So make sure you try them out and pick the one that feels most comfortable in your hand.

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Do They Work?

While hand exercisers are primarily used as a tool for stress relief, they also have a number of other uses and advantages. Research shows that when you squeeze and release a hand exerciser, your muscles contract and relax in tandem.

This has a major impact on your nervous system and in turn:

  • soothes arthritis and joint pain
  • increases emotional stability
  • reduces blood pressure
  • lowers the risk of a stroke or a heart attack
  • boosts focus and creativity
  • improves your quality of sleep

Now you may be wondering, how does this happen? Research shows that when you hold onto a hand exerciser and apply pressure it elevates your heart rate. That means more oxygen is reaching your brain and your heart is pumping blood throughout your body at a faster rate. 

This increased blood circulation reduces the risk of hypertension, strokes, restlessness, and arthritis while improving your concentration, creativity, sleep, and mental health. And the best part is that it’s so easy to use! 

You can fit your stress reliever in your bag or even your pocket and use it on the go. Whether you’re sitting on a bus or walking out of a meeting, this discreet tool can help you avoid an anxiety attack and regulate your emotions. Plus, it’s super cheap!

How To Use A Hand Exerciser

How you use your grip exerciser depends on the type of device you’ve purchased.

Stress Ball


There are several ways to use a squeeze ball. Choose the one that’s most suitable based on where you are, what you’re doing, and the environment you are in. There are no wrong choices as long as you’re being mindful and focusing on your grip.

  • If you’re sitting down:

Put the ball on a table or other flat surface and roll it from one hand to another. Place your forearm on the table and, curl your fingers inward while holding the ball, count till 5, and then release it. Catch it with your other hand and repeat.

  • If you’re standing or walking:

Bend your arms at the elbow so they are in a vertical position. Squeeze the ball for 5 seconds while you inhale, and loosen your grip as you exhale. Then repeat.

  • If you’re in a high-stress environment:

Hold the stress ball if your hand. Squeeze it as hard as you can, exerting the maximum amount of pressure with your fingers. Wait 5 seconds then let go. In addition to drastically improving your grip strength, it also offers immediate stress relief.

  • Hand Gripper

Hand grippers come in a range of resistances. This basically means that some grippers are easier to press while others require a greater amount of pressure. Hence, the equipment you purchase should correspond to your current grip strength.

Ideally, you should be able to squeeze the gripper for around 2 minutes before your hand gets tired and you have to let go. If you’re unable to hold the contraction for this long then you need a softer gripper. Overall, if you’re not exerting at least 30 to 40 percent of your total strength while squeezing the gripper you’re not going to build grip strength.

To use this device you should:

  • Grip the device in one hand and squeeze it as tight as you can
  • Hold the contraction for 90 to 120 seconds
  • Release your hold and shake out your wrist
  • Rest your hand for 120 seconds
  • Move the gripper to your other hand
  • Hold the contraction for 90 to 120 seconds
  • Release your hold and shake out your wrist

Once the set is complete you can take a 2 to 4-minute break before repeating. It’ll take you around 6 to 8 minutes to complete one set. Overall, you should use your gripper for around 30 minutes daily if you want to build grip strength.

Athletes like rock climbers swear by this method. If you’re practicing consistently you’ll begin to feel the stretch in each finger. 

Should You Get A Stress Reliever?

Absolutely! When you’re using a hand exerciser stress relief becomes a lot easier.  

Stress relievers are a great investment in not just your physical but also your mental health. They’re extremely affordable and easily available at any sports apparel store. And with 15 minutes of focused exercise a day, you’ll soon start seeing a remarkable difference in your moods and stress levels. 

Plus, if you suffer from other issues like insomnia, high blood pressure, and muscle or joint pain, these hand exercisers offer a permanent solution. Of course, it will take commitment to your health. Most patients start seeing results after 6 to 8 weeks of consistent use. 

But when your workout gear is small enough to fit in your bag or pocket, finding 15 to 20 minutes a day is no problem at all! So what are you waiting for? Invest in your health and order yours now.


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