Best Drinks to Have After a Workout

protein shake after work out

Getting a healthy and visually pleasing body has become a commonly shared dream.

Everyone is on the lookout for the best workout to make them lose weight. But have you ever thought about your body’s needs post-workout?

Your body and muscles get depleted of essential electrolytes and nutrients when you work out.

To replenish these stores of goodness in your body, we have come up with the five best post-workout drinks.  

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The Fructose Kick ​ 

The body needs sugars to function. It is the most important of the fuels which keep the metabolic machinery up and running.

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Most of the stored sugar gets consumed when you work out. Restocking it in your body by drinking fresh juices seems to be a good choice.

Eating something and then waiting for the sugar to kick in, takes a long time.

However, with fresh fruit juices, you get fructose which can be used by your body readily providing instant energy and rejuvenation.

Electrolyte Refill​ 

Just as the sugar leaves your body after a workout so do the electrolytes.

This is because, during an intense work out session, you sweat and lose precious electrolytes and body water.

To get their levels back on track, get a sports drink. A sports drink has water, electrolytes, and carbs.

All the essential electrolytes which you lose during the workout are replenished by this amazing drink. On the plus side, it provides you with hydration as well.

If you are not a fan of juices, then the sports drink can even replenish the sugar stores of your body as it has carbs.

Creamy Goodness ​ 

If you are somebody who prefers something fresh as well as rich in flavor, after the workout, then a creamy smoothie will work just fine for you.

The yogurt is packed with natural nutrients and body essentials which heal your post-workout inflamed muscles and give you the required boost after a hefty workout.

Make sure to blitz the yogurt with fruits packed full of potassium like bananas, so that the tired and achy muscles feel rejuvenated.

It also has a nice amount of calories, to pack you up on energy.  

Protein shake ​ 

After an intense workout, your muscles experience break down and injury, due to their constant use.

With the water, electrolytes, and sugars, you also need protein to cater to your sore and cramped muscles.

Consuming a protein shake gives you a good kick of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. You can make use of Whey protein to make a healthy and refreshing shake to soothe your muscles after a workout. 

Green Tea ​ 

In addition to providing you with nutrients post workout, green tea also helps with cutting fat.

Your body accumulates some free radical when you exercise. These are potentially harmful and can lead to the development of certain cancers.

Kill these free radicals with a refreshing cup of matcha green tea or any tea of your choice. Brew it and place it in the fridge before you hit the gym and come home to healthy icy goodness. 

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