What is the Asian Bmi and the Ideal Weight for an Asian?

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The Asian BMI is a BMI for which the BMI interpretation is adjusted for the Asian ethnicity. The Asian ideal weight is given via a BMI of 18.5-22.9. Check your Asian BMI now or read more below.

What is an Asian BMI?

An Asian BMI is the BMI result from an Asian individual interpreted using the suitable BMI ranges adjusted for Asian populations.

Why the BMI needs to be adjusted for Asians?

The BMI cut points for Asians differ from the conventional ones to capture the risk of diabetes more appropriately. Scientific studies have shown that Asian people had a low prevalence of overweight/obesity based on standard BMI cutpoints, yet they also have higher rates of diabetes.

What is the right BMI for Asian Women?  

A healthy BMI for Asian women or Asian American women is a BMI within the range of 18.5 – 22.9. The right BMI for Asian men is also within the same range of 18.5 – 22.9.

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What is the Ideal Weight for an Asian girl?

From a health perspective, the ideal weight for an Asian girl is a weight that yields a BMI between 18.5 and 22.9. Calculate your own BMI here to see what might be a healthy weight for you!

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Asian girls can range in size and weight, and having a BMI in the healthy Asian-adjusted BMI range is an excellent asset. Having said that, don’t put too much pressure on yourself if your Asian body is not considered ideal from a health point of view. Being healthy is important, but being happy is essential too! Many factors go into how someone could look or feel their best, so don’t forget to consult with professionals before making any significant changes to your diet. Life should not be only about getting an ideal weight!

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Is an Asian person with a Healthy Asian BMI out of risk?

Even with a healthy Asian BMI, an individual with excessive fat around the abdomen is still at risk for heart disease and diabetes. For Asians and Asian Americans, waist circumference measurements below may be worth considering to reduce health risk:

Asian Women Asian Men
Equals or less than 80cm (31.5 in) Equals or less than 90cm (35.5 in)

What is the BMI cut-off point for Asian people according to the WHO?  

Experts have been consulted on the Asian BMI cut-off point beyond which the BMI is considered unhealthy for Asian people. In a study led by the WHO, it was concluded that the proportion of Asian people with a high risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease is substantial at BMIs lower than the existing regular WHO cut-off point defining overweight (25 kg/m2)

However, in this particular WHO study about the Asian BMI, available data do not necessarily indicate a clear Asian BMI cut-off point. The BMI cut-off points defining overweight for Asians vary between 22kg/m2 and 25kg/m2, but a cut-off at 22.9kg/m2 is commonly used.

Calculate your Asian BMI  

Get your Asian BMI with this BMI Calculator and interpret your BMI results with the information provided and specifically adjusted for Asian people.

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