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Are Burritos Healthy? Find Out Here


The popularity of the Mexican food menu type is on a global level, thanks to its vibrant, diverse, and authentic dishes that never fail to set your tongue tingling!

One of such dishes on the menu, the Burrito, is a people’s favorite and is recognized as one of the healthiest Mexican foods among customers. Its most talked-about features are its stuffing and flavor profile that is flexible enough based on the foodie’s palate.

Since it also forms a great part of the nutritious diet plan, let’s try and ‘wrap’ our heads around whether Burritos are healthy enough to be eaten every day. Or is it a sneaky cheat meal after a week of an intense diet regime?

Burrito – Wrap vs. Bowl

Burrito in a bowl? That sounds weird, but yes, it’s a thing!

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The famous low-fat chipotle burrito bowl is the number one healthy meal choice which, unlike burrito wrap, is more convenient to eat in terms of the food quality and is a healthier alternative that often includes brown rice or cauliflower rice as well as adds cobb salads and fiber-rich beans as the veggies.

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While the normal tortilla wrap could have the most flavor yet be a massive storehouse of calories, this ‘unsung hero’ saves you some grams of fat with the best means for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. You could also save the leftovers for a secret midnight snack!

Burrito – Nutritious or Nah?

Are burritos healthy? Which one’s more wholesome- chicken burrito or bean burritos (for vegetarians and vegans)?

A regular six-inch flour tortilla comprises a stuffing that includes ground beef or chicken, shredded cheese, hot sauce, some white rice, and finally topped with black beans, fresh tomatoes, and lettuce sprinkled with some lemon juice. Now that’s mouth-watering!

Nutritious Ingredients Customised for The Fit

People who are health conscious choose their ingredients based on their strict diet plans that exclude trans fats, saturated fat, high fructose corn syrup, or processed ingredients. Here, you cannot afford some extra calorie intake just to soothe your taste buds!

Lean protein mix in the stuffing never goes wrong, and for fitness freaks, it’s like winning the lottery! While trying to lose weight, nutrient-dense ingredients provide the body with the fuel to energize and regulate the burning of calories.

Burrito Health Benefits

We are all aware by now that these healthy burrito wraps are an excellent combination of healthy and flavorful. So we bring you the health benefits of a burrito wrap that make it the best meal to munch on!


A healthy burrito bowl has enough vitamins and minerals to help improve metabolism. Because it contains loads of vegetables, just a single burrito in the morning can be your savior in burning those extra calories.

Weight Loss

As a post-workout meal, a burrito bowl never fails to impress! Wholewheat tortillas combined with low-fat meat, extra loaded with veggies and black beans, and topped with crumbled cotija cheese- you cannot go wrong with that! Including this healthy burrito recipe will surely make that stubborn fat melt away for real this time.

Excellent Source of Protein and Fibers

Be it the lettuce, the tomatoes (antioxidants), or the black bean, a burrito provides the body with protein and fiber that helps retain your energy the entire day. The fiber also works great in keeping the digestive tracts strong and clear.

Low on Carbs

For those very particular about what they eat, carbs are surely not on the list! Burrito does exactly that by eliminating unwanted carbs like trans-fat and replacing them with healthy carbs, as seen in whole-grain tortillas and chilled polenta.

Muscle Building

If you combine the proteins from the whole wheat tortillas and the non-fat shredded beef and the carbs from the guacamole, you get enough nutrition for muscle growth. When you eat a healthy bowl of burritos barring the calories as breakfast, you know you are in for some ripped muscles later!


Antioxidants in any dish are a much-needed nutrient for a well-balanced body. Surprisingly, calorie-free meat used in homemade burritos contains high amounts of antioxidants that counter iron deficiency in the body. Even fibrous beans are rich in antioxidants.

Burritos – Ingredients to Avoid

Yes, burritos deserve a tick for their great health benefits. But what about overindulgence?

Excessive eating of a dish has its downside and can only lead to your health going for a toss! We present a list of ingredients that turn the healthiest burrito into the unhealthiest form of junk food!


The more cheese you add, the better it gets! 

Cheese, as a topping, is addictive, and that’s where the drawback lies! Servings of cheese on burritos should be minimal since cheese contains calories hard to burn if eaten regularly.

Uncooked Flour Tortillas

Even the thought of it is nauseating! Imagine eating a burrito, and you find the tortilla completely or partially raw. It totally spoils the stomach and the mood!

Fatty Meat

The sizzling sound of the fat on the cooked meat makes us crave it even more. But what about its health hazards? Surely it makes the burrito mindblowing, but as a part of a daily healthy, full meal, I would give it a pass!

Sour Cream and Guacamole

I know it sounds healthy, but as a topping on a burrito with a considerable amount of meat, cheese, veggies, and the salsa with famous pico de Gallo, it feels like a lot of calories in one serving. So choose a cream that has fat-soluble vitamins for easy absorption by the digestive system.


All in all, a sumptuous burrito is a great way to start the day. And the best part about it is that you get to experiment with flavors to create an appetizing meal for yourself! How good is that!

So ‘wrap’ your fingers around a bowl of burritos and relish away to another dimension!


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